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Welcome to PRITS.
PRITS is a next generation staffing solution provider serving the IT, Engineering, Automotive, Manufacturing and HealthCare industries. Encompassing permanent to contract placement services in US and India, we do staffing differently using innovative and disruptive technologies that are built on three key pillars: Transparency, Authenticity and Responsiveness.

Our Mission.

To be a process driven organisation, achieving subject matter expertise in each of our service domains. To build a growth culture for individual talent, aligned to business outcomes.


Our solution enables high visibility that easily leads any client searching for the right talent or any job seeker to an AI platform of endless matching possibilities.


Our solution is built on tons of talents that have not only been vetted for their overall capabilities but also scrutinized for their credibility of their submissions.


Our solution provides instant results to our multifaceted resources and continuously delivers promising search outcomes.

Our Services

What we Offer

Innovation, transformation, and experience are not just buzzwords for us. They represent the future, present, and past. We learn from the past, apply in the present, and invent for the future.

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