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Global Delivery Services
At PRITS we focus on the technical skills, process rigor, tools, methodologies, overall structure and strategies for seamlessly delivering IT-enabled services from global locations. We have a global presence that enables us to respond fast for changing customer requirements. We have access to resources of varying costs that allows us to deliver services to its customers at an optimal cost, typically a mix of costlier ‘on-site’ resources combined with cheaper ‘offshore’ resources. We can work round the clock for you, handing off work from one location to another at the end of the ‘day shift’ thus providing twice or even three times the capacity they would have if they worked in a single location/ time-zone only, thus bringing down cultural differences. We have various service delivery centers from which our Client Service and Enablement Services teams operate to deliver strategic support to customers. Our services span all geographies, practices, services lines, sectors and competencies to deliver deeply-integrated services that result in efficient and world-class solutions.

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Office location – our office consists of three buildings and is located in the heart of the city. You can easily reach us by metro or by land transport.

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